Aquatic Technologies Design & Engineering Group, Inc.
Aquatic Technologies Design & Engineering Group, Inc.
Aquatic Technologies Design & Engineering Group, Inc.
Aquatic Technologies Design & Engineering Group, Inc.

Caribbean Aquatic Design Consultants

Planning to build a new aquatic facility in the Caribbean? Are you in search of swimming pool engineering experts to renovate your old aquatic facility? As Caribbean Aquatic Design Consultants, we are committed to the improvement of swimming pool construction and aquatic facilities around the Caribbean. Aquatic Technologies Design & Engineering Group, Inc is a Florida based company that specializes in the construction and renovation of aquatic facilities in resorts, communities and municipalities.
As full service swimming pool engineering consultants in the Caribbean, we have assisted our clients to make informed decisions when it comes to the construction or renovation of an aquatic facility. Not only have we worked with private clients but we have worked on community and municipality projects.

How we can help?

Aquatic Design and Construction:
We understand that aquatic facilities are the center of beauty in your commercial property. Not only that. They provide a recreational area for your customers. Our experts have cultivated a practice of taking the following steps when it comes to the construction of a Caribbean Aquatic Facility.

Step One – Careful planning.
Before the commencement of any project, our experts usually meet with clients. During this time, the clients are supposed to communicate their project requirements.

Step Two – Good coordination
Once the team familiarizes itself with the project requirements, they do brain storm so as to provide the client with a unique design not available anywhere else.

Step Three – Communication
Our experts always maintain an open communication line with the clients. If the client has any questions, he or she will be provided with feedback at all times. As a result, more clients have opted to work with us thanks to our open communication policy.

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Renovation of aquatic facilities
Aquatic Technologies Design & Engineering Group, Inc prides itself in providing unique designs that help to ensure improved renovation and rehabilitation of existing Caribbean Resort Swimming Pools and water parks. Our employees are well versed in geotechnical engineering. As experts, we are able to fulfill structural shell engineering solutions designed to contain pool failures as well as upgrade the swimming pool or water park facility.
Before the renovation of a water park facility commences, our Caribbean Aquatic Design Consultants begin by inspecting the site. This process takes time and its purpose is to provide our experts with the opportunity of understanding the current aquatic facility. Furthermore, our aquatic design consultants are able to find out existing problems which may result in the failure or future damage of the aquatic Facility. By understanding the underlying issues and failures, our swimming pool engineering specialists will take the time to sit down with the client and listen to the client’s project requirements.
Once the project requirements are provided, our experts will commence with the testing of soil. Soil testing is a comprehensive process that helps to identify if the soil is able to provide a good base for the new aquatic facility. If not, our consultants will offer the client with new options which are designed to ensure the safety of the customers.

Why select Aquatic Technologies Design & Engineering Group, Inc

i.Provision of swimming pool structural engineering solutions
Aquatic Technologies Design & Engineering Group, Inc engineers are prepared to provide commercial property owners around the Caribbean with structural design and analysis services. Not only that. Our engineers will work with local authorities to receive approval for the construction of water park facilities in the Caribbean.

ii.Inspection and provision of comprehensive reports
Our engineers are well trained and thanks to years of experience, they are prepared to inspect your aquatic facility before renovation. Inspection is conducted on-site and once all the evidence has been collected, our engineers will provide you with a comprehensive report.

iii.Well trained and experienced engineers
As a professional engineering firm, Aquatic Technologies Design & Engineering Group, Inc has cultivated the acceptable standard of zero defects. As such, the company employs only well trained, skilled and highly experienced engineers ready to meet a client’s swimming pool engineering needs.

For qualified Aquatic Design Consultants and high quality Swimming Pool Engineering solutions in the Caribbean, call Aquatic Technologies Design & Engineering Group, Inc today!

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