Aquatic Technologies Design & Engineering Group, Inc.
Aquatic Technologies Design & Engineering Group, Inc.
Aquatic Technologies Design & Engineering Group, Inc.
Aquatic Technologies Design & Engineering Group, Inc.

Commercial Pool Architects Puerto Rico Aquatic Consulting

Aquatic Technologies are Commercial Pool Architects in Puerto Rico who have been at the forefront of both public commercial and semi-public aquatic facility design, builds and aquatic consulting in Puerto Rico for many years now; various high-profile clients have sought our critically-acclaimed services during this hugely successful passage of time. Enveloping every conceivable brief from competition swimming pools, waterfalls and fountains through to resort/water park facilities, community and municipal swimming pool infrastructure, here at Aquatic Technologies we pride ourselves on providing far-reaching solutions with regards to every project we undertake. We have engineered a solid reputation for offering the complete aquatic technology service (encompassing both recreational and architectural demands), and one which always begins and ends with the emphasis firmly placed on the design aspect.

Design alone isn’t the singular focus we adopt when tackling a client’s brief, with design engineering services, consultation, forensic analysis of existing systems, value engineering and aquatics-related project management all hugely essential factors we give equal considerations to from the outset. Courtesy of the all-enveloping professional package we promote, Aquatic Technologies Design & Engineering Group Inc take full responsibility for all the key elements of the design and build process. This means we assume total ownership of the entire journey we take the client on, including spearheading the lead consultancy and architectural compliance and protocol, while managing all the other primary disciplines with reference to the aquatic perspective; irrespective of the size, character or facility’s application.

Being at the vanguard of aquatic consulting in Puerto Rico, at Aquatic Technologies Design & Engineering Group Inc we physically size up the core aspects of the envisaged construction from the ground up. In our experience – and in terms of the nitty-gritty – the foundations of any build lie in just that; the foundations. It’s essential to calculate vital areas including determining pool specification, hole dimensions, circumference/length (together with angles) of the water pipes, the location of said pipes (as well as the potential horsepower/general wattage of the pumps), and the overall density of concrete required to hold the water. All this should be weighed up before embarking on the architectural design of the pool, water facility or water park.

This dedicated approach and application goes some way to explain just why we’re seen as pioneers in the field of aquatic consulting in Puerto Rico, and why Aquatic Technologies Design & Engineering Group is the first name on client’s lips whenever and, indeed, wherever an aquatic engineering project of various scales is discussed.

What We Do

From an aquatic build perspective, you name it and Aquatic Technologies Design & Engineering Group do it, and do it with a degree of style, as well as delivering a project on time and budget. Be it swimming pool engineering and/or design, competition pools, waterfalls, waterparks, resort and/or elevated/recreational aquatics or architectural fountains; these are just a few of an expansive range of projects we have undertaken to date. Our in-demand service covers everything from the initial consultation and schematic conceptualizing of design (which facilitates the very latest technology to create) through to design engineering services, forensic analysis of existing systems and aquatics-related project management at every step of the journey.

Looking to the medium and longer term, here at Aquatic Technologies we don’t just help clients realise their dreams but go that extra mile to prepare them for life after the design and build phase and what they can expect; routinely affording businesses all the key facts with regards to the broader picture. We are committed to furnishing clients with all the relevant information about operation and maintenance requirements and criteria (which might vary according to design and individual infrastructure), together with equipping them with all the facts and figures directly relating to lifecycle costs, the longevity of equipment, and finishes. The latter consideration remains a crucial aspect as far as we are concerned, as Aquatic Technologies D & EG strive to use all the very best products and materials on the market; a mantra shared with our approach to the sourcing of structural and electro-mechanical components and water treatment practices, procedure and protocol. Ultimately, we make it our business to incorporate such products into your designs, while other primary objectives include public health and safety, the functionality of the finished product, and code compliance.

Our Approach to the Architectural Stance Re: Pool, Water Facility or Park

Aquatic Technologies D & EG is well-respected for aquatic consulting in Puerto Rico due to the bespoke approach and application we bestow upon every client brief. And the acknowledged starting point for growing a relationship (as well as the physical aspect) of an aquatic engineering build is, of course, the architectural element. Providing the original designs are far-reaching enough to counter any potential pitfalls which may arise, then needless and costly changes enforced by contractors can be avoided from the outset. The secret is comprehensive forward-planning, taking into account every stage of the construction process which the architectural drawings govern itself. We ensure that all pivotal details which contractors will necessitate are documented in the initial blueprint we supply, with our well-versed ethos being ‘a good design provides the schematic concept, but an excellent design leaves very few decisions to the contractor.’

Our Approach to Calculating Pool Specifications and Ascertaining Water Pipe Dimensions, Angles and Positioning

Aquatic Technologies D & EG achieves optimum pool specifications by going out of our way to maintain a constant dialogue with contractors at every juncture. We also do everything within our power to make sure that consultants have made adequate provisions for the planned aquatic facility’s electrical, potable water, wastewater, soil bearing, piping routes and elevations and code requirements of specific architectural elements, and with direct regard to the location of the build. By tirelessly working in collaboration with other experts in the aquatic design field we can together achieve our client’s vision.

Our Approach to Determining the Size of Hole That Requires Digging and the Concrete Density Question

Naturally, there’s no right and wrong regarding hole sizes, other than on average – and where possible – holes (swimming pools, for example) should be excavated 2-3 meters wider than the swimming pool itself, to allow for enough space for building and supporting the formwork later on. As is the industry norm, once the hole dimensions have been defined, marks are placed on the ear-marked terrain before excavation work ensuing; with small holes often been dug in or around the four edges (of conventional pool layouts) with a view to determining soil’s strata condition.

In relation to pool depth, it’s imperative that an extra 30cm as a benchmark figure is added, for the application of both laid concrete underneath the pool’s base and the concrete pool bottom itself. But again, this is applicable to traditional pool design. In terms of concrete density this will alter from build to build, and take into account the immediate environment and client requirements. Suffice to say we predominantly work with Gunite; a form of concrete that’s both incredibly durable and pretty much futureproof. Naturally this degree of durability proves to be especially popular for commercial applications.

Our Approach to Deciding on Power Outputs

As with any aquatic build, we undertake here in Puerto Rico, suggesting and implementing specific power outputs re: pumps and other critical pool assemblage is based almost entirely on the individual project. What will work for one, won’t necessarily have the same desired effect in an altogether different context. However, Aquatic Technologies D & EG strives to work out what level of electric watts and horsepower will perform tasks to the optimum in each given situation as part and parcel of the seamless service we offer from day one. This thoroughness again underlines why Aquatic Technologies D & EG is widely-regarded in the aquatic engineering sector in Puerto Rico. 

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